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X International Symposium of ProGEO 2021


The official 'State of Alarm' decreed in Spain due to the Covid-19 situation, and the restrictions on the movement of people throughout Europe, have forced the Organizing Committee of the X ProGEO Symposium to make it a fully online and free event which will take place 7-10 June 2021.

ProGEO promotes the protection of important geological sites and landscapes, as well as the diverse heritage of geological features with scientific, educational, tourist and cultural relevance.

We intend to give geoconservation a stronger voice, and to act as a forum for the discussion of significant nature conservation issues, advising and influencing policy makers.

We are a NGO with national groups in most of Europe's nations and individual members distributed worldwide.


  the ProGEO

Is an association of all kinds of conservation practitioners and all types of geoscientists, who are involved in geoconservation as planners, as geoheritage managers and interpreters, in geological surveys, as museum curators, researchers, educationalists and those concerned with tourism.


We look to a future in which the conservation of physical landscapes and geosites is given equal prominence in all countries, integrated and on a par with other forms of conservation. ProGEO acts as a focus on geoheritage and for projects which will strengthen our capacity to protect it.


ProGEO is an affiliated organisation of the IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences), and a member of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).


  • To promote the conservation of Europe's rich heritage of landscape, rock, fossil and mineral sites.
  • To inform a wider public of the importance of this patrimony, and of its relevance to modern society.
  • To advise, in our countries and in Europe as a whole, those responsible for protecting our Earth heritage
  • To organise and participate in research into all aspects of planning, science, management and interpretation that are relevant to geoconservation.
  • To involve all countries in Europe, exchanging ideas and information in an open forum, and taking a full part in conservation in a global setting, including the formulation of conventions and legislation.
  • To work towards an integrated European listing of outstanding geoscience sites, thus enabling full support to be given to the work of other international bodies, as well as to national initiatives towards site protection.
  • To achieve an integrated approach to nature conservation, promoting a holistic approach to the conservation of biological and physical phenomena.


Articles with amendments agreed by the General Assembly at its meeting in Chęciny 2018

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    executive committee (central body)

  executive committee (other officers)

  • Alessandra  Magagna - Italy
  • Ewa  Glowniak - Poland
  • João  Rocha - Portugal
  • Kevin  Page - United Kingdom



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