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Dear Representatives and Members of ProGEO National groups

The ProGEO Executive welcomes applications from countries whose members would like to host the next ProGEO Symposium.

Entries should meet the following criteria:

1. Conference year: 2025 (or first half of 2026),

2. Dates that do not conflict with the dates of major international conferences announced on the IUGS website and with the dates of examination sessions at universities,

3. Suggest a venue and outline a programme for the conference and related excursions,

4. Plenary sessions and, if possible, separate the location of the poster sessions from that of the coffee breaks,

5. Reserving a time and place for the General Assembly,

6. Conference proceedings with ISBN or eISBN number,

7. Suggestions to reduce the cost of fees, accommodation and conference trips,

8. Group travel arrangements (charter flights) for southern hemisphere candidate countries are welcome.


Application deadline:

14th April 2024


Contact person: Ewa Głowniak


The Executive Committee of ProGEO is appalled by the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. The military offensives have already generated a grave humanitarian crisis. The situation is a threat to all humans, and will also threaten the open scientific cooperation needed for peaceful co-existence and sustainable development locally as well as on a global scale.

But today, our thoughts go first and foremost to the Ukrainian people in solidarity with their suffering. We also include all Russian citizens who oppose the war, but are met with oppression. We urge everyone to do what we can to help Ukraine and to urge the Russian Federation to end its military offensives.

Science has proven to act as a platform for dialogue even in times of war, and therefore is a resource on which to capitalize to avoid further loss of life and disruption, including to scientific research and infrastructures. We support the position that now emerges from scientific communities around the world, see for example:

• IUGS - International Union of Geological Sciences, to which ProGEO is an affiliated association:

• ISC - International Science Council:

• IGU - International Geographical Union:

• We also call attention to the statement of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG):  and the open letter of Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine:

We condemn the RF's aggression against Ukraine.

Stop this war!

March 7 2022

  the ProGEO

Is an association of all kinds of conservation practitioners and all types of geoscientists, who are involved in geoconservation as planners, as geoheritage managers and interpreters, in geological surveys, as museum curators, researchers, educationalists and those concerned with tourism.


We look to a future in which conservation of geoheritage and management of geodiversity in all landscapes is given equal prominence in all countries, integrated and on a par with other forms of biodiversity management and as a part of nature conservation. This is the focus of  ProGEO together with projects that will strengthen our capacity in this field.


ProGEO is an affiliated organisation of the IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences), and a member of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).


  • To promote the conservation of the rich heritage of landscape, rock, fossil and mineral sites.
  • To inform a wider public of the importance of this heritage, and of its relevance to modern society.
  • To advise those responsible for protecting our geoheritage.
  • To organise and participate in research into all aspects of planning, science, management and interpretation that are relevant to geoconservation.
  • To involve countries worldwide on the exchange of ideas and information and taking a full part in conservation in a global setting, including the formulation of conventions and legislation.
  • To act towards a global list of outstanding geological sites, thus enabling full support to be given to the work of other international bodies, as well as to national initiatives towards site protection.
  • To achieve an integrated approach to nature conservation, promoting a holistic approach to the conservation of biological and geological phenomena.


Articles with amendments agreed by the electronic General Assembly in 2023

Read  the ProGEO articles.

    executive committee

  core body


  • Jack Matthews (UK)
  • Ledi Moisiu (Albania)
  • Maria da Glória Motta García (Brazil)

  substitutive members

  • Anette Petersen (Denmark) -  (substitute member)
  • Margaret Brocx (Australia) - (substitute member)
  • Terri Cook (USA)  -  (substitute member)



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